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Welcome to Rosamond VanDerLinde

Welcome to Rosamond VanDerLinde

Welcome to Rosamond VanDerLindeWelcome to Rosamond VanDerLinde

A Piano in Every Room


 A Memoir by Rosamond van der Linde, Founder of The Sonatina Piano  Camps


A PIANO IN EVERY ROOM- An extraordinary piano teacher writes vividly about founding the famous Sonatina School of Piano, now named Sonatina Piano Camps in her home in Vermont, together with her pianist husband - while they raised five children with love and music. 

Noah Adams from All Things considered, NPR, writes in the foreword: "There is beauty at Vermont's Sonatina School, and in these pages to follow. Also love and joy and triumph, amid notes of sorrow, in the saga of the van der LInde family."

By Daniel Epstein, pianist, "the remarkable story of this present-day musical 

Von Trapp family is told with wit and heart by the family's ebullient and eternally young matriarch, Rosamond van der Linde."

By John Wohlstetter, author and Sonata student, "Rosamond van der Linde co-founded a musical venture unlike any other, blending love of music, love of people, and a passionate commitment to education, artistic achievement and community service." 

Contents of book:




1.  Searching for the Music         
2.  The Hunger Winter
3.  Transposition
4.  Four Part Fugue
5.  Organ Transplant
6.  The Ties that Blind
7.  Summer Sonatina Opus 1
8.  Around the World in 80 Dishes
9.  The Second Coming
10. Summer Sonatina, Opus 2
       Through 9
11. Juilliard Years
12. The Nuns Are Replaced by
        Holy Terrors
13. Lucky Balls
14. Unemployment
15. Sonatas Rock
16. Competitions
17. Piano Personified
18. Miss America
19. Sunshine and Shadow
20. The King of Music Dies
21. Epilogue: Rein's Spirit Reigns 



I finished A Piano in Every Room last night...it was a WONDERFUL READ and thank you so very much for writing it!!

What wonderful life experiences you're sharing with us all, and such an insight into a remarkable family!

I bought your book and recently finished reading  it.  I want to thank you for a wonderful remembrance. 

It is absolutely the most entertaining book I have read in a long time!  I just love it.

I'm so inspired by this book!  Mostly from the positive and optimistic attitude of life in this family that stopped them from nothing.

The book is not just about music but about love and how music bonds people together!  

The sense of fun runs through every page.

I love it and have a hard time putting it down when I need to do other things.

Rosemary Perry


An enjoyabe read. I suggest that when you read this remarkably different memoir, listen to your favorite piano rendition of Bach, Mozart, or Chopin. Sip a cup of warm tea, relax and enjoy the authors expert use of words that seem to flow as if part of the melody she helps create while teaching her students in the house with many pianos. As a writer myself, I am fascinated by her use of words expressing the love she has for music and teaching. The book shows her determination in conquering adversity from an early illness, through childhood searching and fulfilling her dream of becoming a self-taught piano teacher. Not knowing much about music and having had many piano teachers myself, I appreciate the author's use of sidebar boxes within the story explaining her many and appropriate use of music terms throughout. To quote the author: "In the end, it wasn't as much about music as about family. Music, I think, makes for gentler people in the world."

Peggy Benjamin

You are a treasure! Spoken as a piano student and Villages Friend. I value your expertise as a teacher and charm as a friend.  Your book,  "A Piano in Every Room," has been enjoyed by several of my friends. It has made a great gift. Becky Knapek