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Welcome to Rosamond VanDerLinde

Welcome to Rosamond VanDerLinde

Welcome to Rosamond VanDerLindeWelcome to Rosamond VanDerLinde


Shortly after moving to the volcanic island of Saint Eustatius, Rosamond launched into her favorite mode- piano lessons. She was immediately arrested and threatened with deportation. These are the stories of the ups and downs from her 30 years spent living in the Caribbean.


Rosamond van der Linde follows her delightful family memoir, A Piano in Every Room with adventures at her Caribbean home. Her portrait  of 30 years on a Caribbean island is often funny, at time sad, occasionally perilous. How Dutch and American lifestyles became entangled with entrenched local customs, makes for many a fascinating tale.



This is a special iguana from the island of Saint Eustatius in the Dutch caribbean

About this photo

This is an iguana from the island of Saint Eustatius. It exists only on this island. This is a Lesser Antillean Iguana. 

We had these creatures regularly in our house and yard. 

They are not aggressive and we fed them by hand. Every time Moe played the piano, they descended from the trees to meet us for food. The piano was the dinner bell!