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Welcome to Rosamond VanDerLinde

Welcome to Rosamond VanDerLinde

Welcome to Rosamond VanDerLindeWelcome to Rosamond VanDerLinde

piano lessons scoop. all levels. Famous teacher. first lesson is free!



One on one. Your piano teacher is Rosamond van der Linde, the famed founder of the Sonatina Piano Camps at www.Sonatina.com. I teach all levels including you, unless you are under the age of 2 or over the age of 100!  I have years of experience


The lessons are primarily  centered around classical music. OK, Beatles too! Take your playing to the next level. If you have never played before, you are one lucky student!

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Many years of experience!

Lessons are fun and unforgettable and never dull


So you can find out if  you and I are a good fit personally and musically. If you have previously had lessons, please bring any books you used. Also handy to  have an 8X10 assignment book.   



 It was a joyous day when I read the article in the "Daily Sun" about Rosamond van der Linde the highly accomplished piano teacher living in The Villages.  Barely a moment passed before I rushed to the phone to make an appointment to discuss the possibility of an eighty-year-old resuming piano lessons after a sixty year hiatus. 

That was three years ago and I've been thoroughly enjoying stimulating lessons with Rosamond ever since.  Not only have I learned so much but we've had so much fun in the process.  I look forward to each lesson and actually look forward to practicing each day.  What a treat!      Pat Prutz.

It has been 55 years since I have taken piano lessons! Now at age 78, I have time and a piano waiting to be played. I read her book, "A Piano in every Room" It was evident that with her expertise she could get me to some level of Adult Beginner. My desire is great! her knowledgeable experience has encouraged me to play some classical pieces as well as from an Adult Beginner Book for older folks. Her patience and good sense of humor make studying with her a weekly highlight. Becky Knapek

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Thank you  for being all that you are and sharing it with me. I love it when I am practicing the piano and my eyes, mind and fingers work together to make recognizable music! Joy  floods my soul! I praise God for the gift of music - for you and my husband, John for buying my piano and purchasing these lessons.

  Your "gifted" friend!

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Rosamond is a featured author and speaker available to speak to your organization free of charge. She is knowledgeable and speaks well.  Rosamond is actively sought after as a featured speaker by civic organizations, libraries and community groups. She has appeared more than twice at various venues. She is entertaining, motivating and well spoken. Also good entertainment. She can speak  on many subjects. Contact her at 603-703-7629

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We traveled on safari to Kenya and Tanzania in June. We are giving a show called "Out of Africa" on Sunday August 12th at 3:30  PM. Incredible slides of incredible Africa.

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Yesterday, Rosamond spoke to the Red Hat  Ladies about her book "A Piano in Every Room." The 50 women in attendance found her to be interesting, adventurous and entertaining!

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